About Us

Hi, my name is Kelli.

Not long ago I started noticing my hair was thinning, and I thought I just needed a better shampoo lol. After a while it got worse and I started to ask myself what could be wrong? I had PCOS so I knew that played a roll but not this much!  I have a son so I thought maybe it could have been postpartum hair loss. Then it hit me....... I recently had a hysterectomy and my hormones had gotten all out of wack. My hair continued to fall out, and I mean FALL OUT.  It got to the point where I didn't want to brush my hair or even wash it. With every stroke of the hair brush, clumps of hair came out. As I stood there with the clump of hair in my hand, I just cried. This was a feeling no one could have prepared me for. I felt ugly. So I started to look for a way to cover up the bald areas. The solution I came up with was headbands! They really helped make me feel better about my hair and also helped cover the section of hair that was missing.  I knew I couldn't be the only one going through this and I wanted to help other women feel pretty that are going through the same thing. So I created Band-Itz premium headbands for women with hormonal hair loss. My mission is to help other women know they aren't alone and we can still feel good about ourselves. Sign up for my email list so we can go on this journey together.